Language Homestay Payment Portal

Applicants can use this Payment Portal to understand the Andégo Language Homestay program payment schedule and terms, and submit necessary program installments. For this program, Andégo has outlined three separate payments: $300 Deposit, First Payment, and Second Payment. Applicants can refer to this Payment Portal and submit all payments here. Once accepted into the program, Applicants can also pay within the Participant Portal. Before submitting the $300 Deposit for your Application, read the description of program fees, the refund policy, and an example of what to pay, which are all outlined below.

Send a check made out to:

Andégo Internships Abroad (accent optional)

4742 Liberty Rd. S #566

Salem, OR 97302

Be sure to include the applicant's name either on the check or in the memo line.

Payment through PayPal incurs a 3% service fee

Payment Schedule

- Initial Deposit $300 - Due at time of Application 

Note: Your initial $300 Deposit counts towards the total program fee.

-  First Payment - Due after Applicant Interview, once the applicant is determined for acceptance into the program

Note: This First Payment constitutes 1/2 of the program balance.

- Second Payment - Due after participant has been matched with French host family, which is typically 4-6 weeks before departure 

Note: This Second Payment constitutes the remainder of the program balance.

For example:

You are traveling to France for 12 weeks. The fee of a 12-week program is $2,499. You already paid your Deposit; subtract $300 from the total cost of the program fee ($2,199). Divide the remaining balance of $2,199 in two installments: $1,099.5. Your First Payment of $1,099.50 is due after the Applicant Interview. The Second Payment is due a few weeks before departure and constitutes the remaining balance of $1,099.50.  Payments are outlined in the Participant Portal under Pre-Departure steps, and Andégo provides PayPal Invoices to aid participants in scheduling for payments on time.  timeline is outlined in the Participant Portal. 

Note: Your specific program-length-of-stay will determine how much you need to pay for both installments.

Program Fees ($USD) Paid to Andégo

2 weeks =$899 ($450/week)

3 weeks = $1199 ($399/wk) 

4 weeks =$1449 ($362/wk) 

5 weeks = $1699 ($339/wk)

6 weeks = $1899 ($316/wk)

7 weeks= $2049 ($292/wk) 

8 weeks= $2199 ($274/wk)

9 weeks= $2299 ($255/wk) 

10 weeks= $2399 ($239/wk) 

11 weeks= $2449 ($222/wk) 

12 weeks= $2499 ($208/wk)  

Payment & Refund Policy:

Refund Policy:

$300 Program deposit: $150 refundable until 7 days following the program interview, after which the deposit is non-refundable unless:

For program payments beyond the deposit:

More than 4 weeks before departure

Program fee payments in excess of the deposit are fully refundable less the initial deposit and any non-refundable costs incurred. 

4 weeks before departure

You will be responsible to pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the full program fee. The remainder is refundable. 

After departure

 Full program fee is non-refundable.