Language Homestay Program 

Program Summary

Are you curious about French culture and language? 

Are you interested in sharing the English language with French speaking people?

Are you enthusiastic about intercultural & linguistic exchange? 

If so, the Language Homestay Program may be a fitting opportunity for you!

During the Andégo Language Homestay Program, participants teach and share the English language with members of a French household. Participants dedicate 15 hours per work-week (Monday-Friday) to English language acquisition and conversation during a séjour ranging from 2 to 12 weeks in France. In exchange for sharing English, participants receive room & board from their French host family, and are included in their daily-lives. Off duty and during the weekend, participants are free to explore, choose preferred activities and engage with the local French community. This is a program that offers the homestay experience of living with a French family, while also providing extensive space for cultural and linguistic exploration during the participants’ free-time. No French language abilities are required for this program, however Andégo encourages linguistically open-minded and curious participants to apply. This program remains flexible toward departure dates, as participants are able to align their séjour with school and professional holidays of their choosing.  

Requirements to apply



Host families generally live in or very near mid-sized to large cities to accommodate more opportunities for cultural exchange and exploration. 

Not required, yet valued

Duration of Program

This program extends from 2 to 12 weeks based on preference and availability. Participants may indicate in their Initial Application a preferred date of departure. The applicants’ preferred date of program departure needs to allow for at least 12 weeks for candidature processing and placement. 

Example: For departure to France on June 1st, you need to complete your Application by early-March. Fees depend on the length of the program.

Program Fees

Below is an outline of program fees. Please note that the Language Homestay Program requires a $300 refundable deposit at the time of application. This deposit is included in the total program fee. Additionally, please acknowledge that all fees provided to Andégo, and those that are purchased separately by the participant, are paid in full prior to departure. Payments are scheduled in two installments.

Paid to Andégo

Program fees ($USD) are inclusive of an Administrative Fee for program setup, matching and screening host families, in addition to the Language Homestay Virtual Academy, Medical & Travelers’ Insurance and support throughout & beyond the program.  All Program fees are paid prior to departure date and are dependent on length-of-stay:

2 weeks =$899 ($450/week)

3 weeks = $1199 ($399/wk) 

4 weeks =$1449 ($362/wk) 

5 weeks = $1699 ($339/wk)

6 weeks = $1899 ($316/wk)

7 weeks= $2049 ($292/wk) 

8 weeks= $2199 ($274/wk)

9 weeks= $2299 ($255/wk) 

10 weeks= $2399 ($239/wk) 

11 weeks= $2449 ($222/wk) 

12 weeks= $2499 ($208/wk)  

Purchased separately by participants before departure

Purchased separately by participants during program


Need guidance in calculating the total cost of your selected length-of-program? 


Placement and Process

1. Application Submission, including a Refundable Deposit of $300, and Reference Checks (x2)

2. Applicant Interview via videoconference in English and, if accepted, 1st Program Payment (½ of remaining program fee balance)

3. Applicant Screening, including an official Background Check, Participant Agreement, and Passport Validation

4. Placement with a French host family and official Homestay Introduction Letter & Questionnaire

5. Review Travel Insurance coverage (included in program fee) and 2nd Program Payment (remaining balance)

6. Mandatory pre-departure orientation (Language Homestay Virtual Academy) - held online in both a synchronous and asynchronous format

7. Purchase airfare and Program Departure

8. Check-in via videoconference with Andégo mentor during 1st week in France

9. Amazing séjour in France with Homestay Family and Emergency Support from Andégo & Terre des Langues

10. Program Reflection and Alumni Induction