Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our commitment to equitable practices:

Andégo dedicates itself to providing equal access to all Language Assistant interns and Language Homestay participants regardless of race, sex, gender, ability, socio-economic situation, religion, or national origin. For our organization that creates international opportunity, equity for all requires that Andégo is intentional about inclusivity and about confronting inequitable systems that serve as barriers to individuals who would like to travel, learn, teach and work abroad. Andégo places racial equity and social justice at the forefront of program development & policy, homestay placement, and research-based world language teaching practices. Andégo’s commitment to equity strives to prepare 21st century citizens for a multicultural and a globally-inclusive society.

*Please note that to participate in Andégo Internships Abroad programs in France, individuals must demonstrate native-like English proficiency. This is due to the high demand of English language instruction requested by French speakers, and is not an indication of support toward linguistic hierarchy. Andégo honors all languages and understands the intersectionality of language, race, socio-economic status, ability, ethnicity, and creed. If participants are multilingual, they are encouraged to share their ability with Andégo so that we can support participants in sharing their languages with French speakers in ways that are authentic to their identity and to the preservation of their home-culture.

Upholding equitable practices requires intentionality. Everyday Andégo is practicing being intentional to continue growing accessible and equitable international language programs. To learn about Andégo’s annual equity goals, please refer HERE.