About Andégo

Robert Zenk- founder of Andégo Internships Abroad

Encouraged to study French following my aunt's adventures as an au pair, I fell in love with the connections and cultural understanding that come from immersive travel.  Having lived in France for two years, spending some time as an English Language Assistant,  and countless trips back with students, I relish the opportunity to extend similar experiences to others today.  

A high school French teacher in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at South Salem High School in Salem, OR and father of two little francophones, I enjoy spending my time with family and being active, Oregon weather permitting!

Tia Sharp- Language Homestay Coordinator

At eight years old, during a camping trip in the Canadian Rockies with my grand-parents, I fell in love with the French language. Since this découverte, I participated in a Rotary International Exchange at 17 years old, meeting my French family in Savignac de l’Isle; I lived in Montpellier as a university student; I taught English at the secondary level in Nîmes with TAPIF; I pursued a Master’s in French at Portland State University and a MEd in Secondary Education, World Language. I am a French educator and I have led students to many corners of France with Putney Student Travel. Today, I reside in Bellingham, Washington, pursuing my Principal Residency Certificate and creating the Andégo Language Homestay Program. My goal for this program is to provide equitable access for all individuals interested in French culture, multilingualism, and global citizenship. I am happy that you found us - bienvenue !! 

Arika Hendren- School Visitor Coordinator (Oregon & SW Washington)

I first fell in love with the French language thanks to my quirky and fun high school French teacher. After our class trip to Lille, I knew French was something that would always be in my life. I studied French and International Studies at the University of Oregon where I was inspired by my professors. I spent an undergraduate semester in Poitiers, France and came back with an even stronger passion for the language. Encouraged and inspired by my university advisor and professor, I spent two years in Orléans assistant teaching through the TAPIF. This is where I learned my passion for teaching. I am now the French teacher at Central High School in Oregon, and look forward to sharing my experience with my students.  

Katie Leonard- School Visitor Coordinator     (New Mexico)

Katie got the travel bug at the age of 15 while going to France with her high school French class. Katie went on to become a high school French teacher  herself, teaching for 13 years in Oregon and now in her second year in New Mexico. Katie studied abroad in Nantes during university and participated in the TAPIF language assistant program twice, once in Île de là Réunion and once in rural Normandy. She loves French history and culture, French cuisine, and has visited many francophone nations. She is pretty sure teaching high school French is the best job on the planet (except for cheese taster).   

Scott Ludford- Language Assistant Participant Liaison

My love for French began in high school when I was shown by my teacher that learning a new language is more than just another way to speak- it is a way to think, feel, and be. Since then, I am very grateful to say that I have been able to live in Paris, Bordeaux, and Annecy, where I was enrolled as a student in a French High School following a literary track. I continued my education at the University of Oregon studying Psychology, French, and Global Health. My time abroad opened my eyes to how language connects us; opening up a new world of relationships, opportunities, and understanding. I am beyond excited to be there as a resource in your journey and I cannot wait to see where language takes you.  

Melinda Samis

Melinda was the inspiration and propelling force behind our program.  As founder of ANDEO International Homestays, a local non-profit that impacted hundreds of students, families, and teachers alike for more than 40 years, Melinda was the first to help Robert send students from South Salem High School on this amazing journey spurring him to create Andégo.

Pascal & Béryl Le Vigoureux

Founder & Directors of our French partner organization, "Terre des Langues", Pascal & Béryl work closely with our French partner schools and local families to provide placement, communication, and support to all of our participants.