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You shouldn't have to choose between gaining professional experience & traveling the world

So don't.

Immerse yourself in France while teaching English! Learn more about our gap year program here & our language homestay program here.

Launched in 2015, Andégo programs aim to connect our partner schools & families in France and English-speaking countries with engaged, balanced, and motivated adventurers seeking an intercultural & immersive experience abroad.  Our belief and mission is that immersive intercultural experiences promote cross-cultural understanding, create ever-lasting friendships, and open innumerable opportunities.  These opportunities lead to growth in global understanding which we believe to be essential not only for individuals, but to create a more harmonious interdependent world.  We work closely with our French partner organizations, our partner schools, and local families to ensure the most rewarding & safest program possible.  

We can't wait to see where YOUR adventure leads!

Andégo AATF SHF Scholarship

In partnership with La Société Honoraire de Français, Andégo Internships Abroad enthusiastically offers up to four $1,000 & two $2,500 scholarships to members and officers of their respective SHF Chapters towards participation in Andégo's Language Assistant Internship in France!

Scholarship applications are due Friday, March 31st at 11:59pm Pacific.  Andégo will award up to 4 $1,000 scholarships (2 for SHF members & 2 for SHF officers) and 2 $2,500 scholarships (1 for a member & 1 for an officer) towards participation in our Language Assistant Gap Year Internship.

Eligibility- Applicants must:

How to apply: 

-Submit a letter to explaining how receiving this scholarship would positively impact your ability to more fully benefit from your year abroad. Be sure to reference your motivations and goals for spending a year immersed in France during this school-based internship as well as specific activity in your SHF chapter promoting the appreciation and study of the French language.

- Request a letter of recommendation from someone OTHER than your French teacher or a family member sent to commenting on your commitment to academic success & community building (community being the community at large or those with whom you come in contact- classmates, teammates, neighbors, etc.).

Our scholarship committee hopes to make decisions within 10 days of the deadline and we will notify all applicants via email.